Card grading services with CAG

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Cards and Grading (CAG) as a pick-up/drop off point for their grading services!


What cards does CardsandGrading deal with?


Pokemon, Digimon, Magic the Gathering, Flesh and Blood, and Kpop Photocards.

Custom Labels

Artist-altered cards, Kpop Photocards, and some cards not listed in the grading list (on a case-by-case basis).


All cards that are within 64x89mm.

If the service you would like is not available, do feel free to let us know and it might get added in the future!

How do I submit my cards?

You may choose to submit through direct mailing or at a drop-off point with us! If submitting with us, do use promo code CAG10DAIMONJI for 10% off submissions!


Put your order in through CAG website at here.


Protect your cards well (preferably with loose-fitting sleeves and card-savers).


FOR MAIL SUBMISSIONS: Seal your cards with your order number and send them to CardsandGrading, My Mailbox 882697 S919191.

FOR IN STORE SUBMISSIONS: Make sure we sign off on your order form before dropping them off. Once the form is signed, seal this with your cards and we will do the rest for you!


Sit back, relax and wait for your cards to return!

How transparent is the grading process?

We strive for 2 things in our grading process: affordability and transparency. This is how we maintain transparency.


Packages received will be opened and documented live, on our Instagram page. 


Clear grading criteria


Grading reports can be requested that detail every flaw and why they affect your grade.