Daimonji KUJI Series

As the final event to celebrate the 1st Year Anniversary, Daimonji is proud to announce the release of our KUJI series!
How to play:
  1. Come down to our store @1 West Coast Drive, #01-38, Newest
  2. Purchase a ticket at or multiple and draw from the box of tickets.
  3. Win prizes according to the ticket!
  4.  Buy the last ticket in the prize pool and be entitled get the Last Prize for FREE!!!
(Do note that prize pool is fixed from the start and there will be no replenishing of the prize pool so feel free to plan your visit!)
Terms and conditions:
  1. Ticket price listed instore is only valid for the current KUJI iteration and may be revised for future iterations
  2. Prizes listed in the in store poster are only valid for the current iteration and may be changed for future iterations.
  3. All tickets sold are not refundable or exchangable.
  4. Daimonji reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions with adequate notice as determined by us.