Pokemon Tourneys

Daimonji weekly Rotating Mode Tourney *

We at Daimonji firmly believes in promoting one of the main enjoyments of a TCG: the magical moment that one feels when one is able to make a deck idea/ strategy arising from their creative juices work.

Therefore, Daimonji is proud to introduce our new series of events: Rotating Mode Tourney!

This mode spans accross 4 saturdays each month, with each week having their own unique theme. The themes are namely: Standard, Single PrizerMonotype and MYSTERY.

Week 1: Standard

The good old standard format. Only restriction is that cards to be played have to be legal under the Standard format. Feel free to use your best deck to duke it out with the rest to be the best!

Week 2: Single Prizer

Similiar to to standard, but with an extra restriction. No V pokemon allowed in the deck. Everyone is welcome to challenge their own deck building/ piloting skills!

Week 3: Mono type

This week, the restriction is that you can only pick one type of pokemon to put in your deck. HINT: the types of energy that you put in the deck is not limited to just one type


Unlike the theme for the other three weeks, this week's theme would be unique, varying from month to month with the aim to challenge players' adaptability to format changes. Stay tuned to this page in order to check for the unique theme for the month!


Event and Prize structure*

Event Timing: Saturday, 2PM
Event Address: 1 West Coast Drive, #01-38, S128020
Contact: +65 97778703
How to get there: https://www.daimonjitcg.com/contact

Player Cap: 16 Players

Note: Players must be present by 1.50PM
Match start at 2PM sharp. Penalty to be issued if late.
Match walkover at 2.15PM.
Round walkover at 2.30PM.

*Penalty: 1 prize card advantage will be issued to your opponent (opponent will start with 1 prize card lesser).

3 Swiss Round
All Rounds will be best of 3 matches, 30 mins per round.
Only cards that are legal in standard format are allowed.

Rules & Regulation:
Maximum of 3 proxy cards per card with other languages are allowed (e.g: If you want to proxy level ball, you must have at least 1 english, the rest can be other languages). No printed/self drawn proxy.
Sleeves at the back must be opaque (cannot see through).
We reserve the right to disqualify any players for bad behaviour, cheating, not complying with judge etc.

Entry Fee: $10 (comes with $6 store credit)
UEN: 53419057W (Daimonji Collectibles)

Prizes (11 players or less):
1st: $15 store credit
2nd: $10 store credit
3rd: $8 store credit

Prizes (12 players or more):
1st: $20 store credit
2nd: $15 store credit
3rd: $10 store credit

1 official Pokemon deck box/shield for the most interesting deck (chosen by us)

Credits gotten from tourneys can be accumulated. For more details, please visit

By signing up for the tournament, we will assume that you have agreed to the format, prizes and regulations.No refunds unless due to unforeseen circumstances. Thank you!


*Please note that if there are no announcements, the abovementioned structure would be the default. If there are any changes in terms of format/pricing/price structure for a particular week's mode, Daimonji reserves the right to modify the terms without recourse if we deem that adequate notice has been given.