Pre-order Policies

Policies for pre ordered items

1) We are not liable for any damages during delivery.

2) No refunds/cancelling of orders once placed unless there are pricing changes on our side. 

3) If we did not receive your deposit at the point of submission of this form, we hold the rights to cancel your order.

4) For the balance of payment, we will contact you again for collection. Please make payment before the given due date or we will consider that you forfeit your deposit and cancel your order.

5) For product/s that we fail to fulfil, we have the rights to hold your deposit another 6 months after the official release date of the product. Refunding of deposit will only be done if we still fail to fulfill your order by then. Transferring of deposit to another preorder will be considered on a case by case basis.

6) Please collect your order within 2 weeks after release date of the product (for self collect), else we may not release your product.

7) Prices may be subjected to change and you will be informed if there is any change.

8) Deposits are for each individual item and are not transferrable.

9) free delivery is only restricted to one delivery trip. Therefore we recommend waiting for all orders to collate before being sent out to make full use of the promotion. Multiple trips are possible, but only the first delivery trip will be free.


Fulfillment disclaimer

While we at Daimonji constantly strive to fulfill your TCG needs, these uncertain times and fluctuating world demand means that our ability to get stock from the distributor may be unpredictable at times. Therefore we would like to seek your understanding that despite paying a deposit, it would not guarantee that your orders would be completely fulfilled, if at all. Daimonji reserves the right to refund you the deposit in the event that the distributor is unable to provide us with the stock we need.