Event Guidelines

Daimonji Game Etiquette and Guideline Update (25 July)

Daimonji wishes to emphasise the importance of maintaining a fair and respectful environment during our trading card game events. We kindly request that each participant practises good sportsmanship, demonstrating integrity and a sense of fair play at all times.

To ensure that the games remain competitive and enjoyable for everyone, we have set a rule that prohibits players from providing unsolicited advice to others during ongoing matches. Unless agreed by both parties, players should assume this rule to be enforced at all times. Our intention is not to discourage collaboration or discussion outside of matches, but to foster an atmosphere where players can truly test their abilities and embrace the thrill of competition.

We would also take this opportunity to remind players that crowding around ongoing matches is strictly prohibited unless agreed upon. By maintaining a reasonable distance, we minimize distractions for players, protect their privacy and comfort, and uphold the values of sportsmanship and respect. The event organisers or designated officials will be vigilant in reminding players of this important rule.

Daimonji reserves the right to enforce penalties at the tournament organiser’s discretion on those violating this rule, be it in the form of a warning, match loss or disqualification of the players involved. Should a player witness or experience a violation of the rule regarding unsolicited advice during an ongoing game, they are encouraged to report the infraction to the designated event official or tournament organiser.  

By adhering to these core principles, we hope to elevate the experience for everyone involved and create a welcoming community that celebrates the love for captivating games, catering to both new and seasoned players!

Thank you!