Infomation regarding migration of system


Q - I have an existing account, but I am unable to login even though I have tried resetting my password.
A - Please contact us via whatsapp (97778703) or email ( to reactivate your account. We will send you a link through email.

Q - Do I still have the reward points that I have accumulated in the past?
A - The old points have been imported into our new system. Once you activate your account with us, you will be able to see your point balance.

Q - Will I be able to see my order history?
A - You will not be able to view your previous orders in the new system. If you would like to have a copy of your order history, please contact us by 31st Oct 2024.

Q - I have received an email regarding payment for my pre-orders with a new order number, do I need to make payment now?
A - Existing pre-orders in our old system will be issued new order numbers after being ported to our new system. Payment will be due closer to the release date of the product, please do not make payment when you receive this email.

Q - My invoice is not reflecting the correct balance, despite having paid the deposit for pre-orders.
A - To credit the full amount of rewards points into your account on our new system, we need the order to reflect the total cost of your order. We will be contacting you for payment of the remaining balance closer to the release date of the product. The remaining balance is equal to the total cost - deposit paid.

For customers who opted for delivery and paid an additional $5 for shipping despite their total order being above $300, we will deduct $5 from the remaining balance.